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Thaw: A Science Fiction Play

Inside a Cryonics facility, seven people are woken from their icy slumber to find themselves alone in a locked room, unsure of what day, month or year it is. These strangers from different places and times must work out when they are, and where the staff of the facility have gone. As the truth of their situation slowly becomes apparent however, it also becomes clear that some of these characters are hiding something, and that these secrets may turn out to be deadly...

An original science fiction play, Thaw was written as the creative component of Stephen's Honours studies into science fiction in the theatre. After a sold out run in August of 2015 and subsequently winning Production of the Year at the Nexus Theatre Gala Awards for 2015, it was remounted for Perth FRINGEWORLD in 2016 with an updated script and cast.


"So rare is this genre for the stage, that when I was trying to think of a play to compare it with, I was at a loss [...] the storyline included all of the important elements, suspense, black comedy, straight slapstick, mild violence, tragedy and of course, love."

Gordon The Optom -

"[A] science fiction tale grounded in shared human experience, with a dastardly twist."

Australian Stage Online


Production of the Year 2015 - Nexus Theatre Gala


The following photographs were taken during the 2015 run of Thaw. All images are copyright to David Cox Media and are reproduced here with permission.


The following photographs were taken during the 2015 and 2016 run of Thaw.

All images are copyright Thought Jar Productions.

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