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Dr. Stephen B. Platt


Actor - Improvisor - Events MC - Writer - Marriage Celebrant - Academic

Hi there!

Welcome to the official page for Dr. Stephen B. Platt! From this page, you can find out anything you need to know about Stephen and the services he provides.

Do you require the services of an award-winning writer? Then talk to Stephen!

Looking for an award-winning improviser to teach you the ins and out of improvised performance? Yes, and he's right here! 

Are you after an events MC who is as comfortable presenting to 20 people as he is 2000? Look no further!

Perhaps you want an actor with 15+ years of stage and screen experience and appearances on the ABC and commercial TV? Stephen fits the bill!

Are you or someone you know planning on getting married (within Australia) and want to find a celebrant who brings their easy-going, calm, and entertaining nature to the special day? Then Bob's your uncle and Stephen's your celebrant!

Need an academic with a film, theatre, and/or Science Fiction background? Stephen's your Doctor!

Basically, Stephen is here to help you! So what are you waiting for? Reach out and discover how Stephen can help you today!



Improvised Theatre

Education & Training

Since 2015, Stephen has been a member of The Big HOO-HAA, working and playing alongside WA's best improv performers with shows for adults (The Big HOO-HAA, The Dirty HOO-HAA) and kids (The Little HOO-HAA).

In 2017, Stephen was a founding member of Improv RPG: an improv performance team focused on bringing table-top RPG's to life on stage. Starting with Improv DnD, the team has grown to include Nerf Herders and Call of Cthulhu (WINNER - FRINGEWORLD 2023 Comedy Award) to their roster.

Stephen is the seven-time champion of the improvised presentation competition TOD Talks and the 2024 winner of The Australian O-Pun competition. He has also appeared in shows including Impro Musical BangTown!, Captain Spaceship, and Improv Cheez TV.

In 2021, Stephen completed a PhD of Philosophy examining Science Fiction in Theatre and Live Performance with his dissertation Stranger in a stage land: A case for the role of science-fiction in theatre at Murdoch University, He previously received a first-class Honours degree in Theatre and Drama studies, also from Murdoch University, examining the history of Science Fiction in Live Performance (All the Worlds on Stage, 2016).

Stephen currently teaches at Murdoch University lecturing in English, Theatre and Drama, Career Learning, Public Speaking, and Communications. He has previously worked for Edith Cowan University in their Career Development Learning program, and for Murdoch University's Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre.

For inquiries relating to academic work, please send an email to Stephen at his Murdoch email address:

Stephen has worked for education and training programs as a performer and professional role player since 2010. Former clients include the West Australian Police Academy, the Department of Correctional Services, the University of Notre Dame, and Curtin University.

Stephen has also used his perfrmance and improv theatre skills in specialised performance-based training programs for Edith Cowan Universiy (Get Set for ECU, 2019 - present) and BullShift (2020 - present).

Stephen has taught workshops on improv theatre and performance for clients including Murdoch University and the City of Stirling.


For more information on booking Stephen to teach improv performance skills, please send him an email to

Just had our first read through with our amazing cast! #atlantisradioplay will be coming t
Podcasting & Radio
Acting & Performance

Marriage Celebrant


Stephen has been the host of The Cinema Catch-Up Club, a film review podcast, since 2017. The long-running series is currently on haitus, but will be returning in late 2024.

Stephen hosted The Funny Old Game, a weekly football/soccer review program, from 2009 - 2013 on 89.7FM, and from 2019-2020 as a podcast. Stephen has been the official soccer correspondent for 89.7fm since 2011, and can be heard weekly on Talking Sport on 89.7FM. 

Stephen has made several appearances on ABC Radio Perth as a Science Fiction expert, including appearances on The Long Lunch with Sam Longley and Saturday Breakfast with Amber Cunningham.


Stephen has been writing plays and sketches for stage since 2008. His play-writing credits include Bogan Shakespeare Presents: Julius Caesar (as co-writer, Winner of the of FRINGEWORLD 2022 Comedy Award), @lantis: a Science-Fiction Radio Play series (Winner of the Nexus Theatre Award 2018 for Best Original Script), and Thaw: a Science Fiction Play (Winner of the Nexus Theatre Award 2015 for Production of the Year).  

Stephen is currently working on his debut novel, an as-yet-untitled Fantasy story.

For more information on hiring Stephen for writing and/or script editing work, please email

Since 2008, Stephen has worked as a professional actor. Based in Perth, Western Australia, Stephen has performed in venues across Australia and internationally.

Stephen's TV credits include appearances in commercials for RAC, LotteryWest, and the Department of Transport; and on ABC series including The Heights and ITCH.

Stephen is represented by Actors Management International. For inquiries relating to TV, film, and commercial work, please send an email to Peter Gunn at

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Events MC & 
Presentation Work

Stephen has worked as an events MC in Perth for 15+ years for organisations including the City of Perth, the City of Melville, Murdoch University, Edith Cowan University, and Supanova Comic Con & Gaming.

In 2019, he became the first person to ever give an entirely improvised TED Talk presentation at TEDx Perth. Stephen also presented a TEDx Talk on Improvised Theatre for TEDx UWA.

For more information on booking Stephen as an event MC, please send him an email to

In 2023, Stephen completed his training to become an officially registered Marriage Celebrant in Australia. Stephen brings a wealth of experience in presenting live events to making your ceremony special and celebrating your relationship. Stephen offers a celebrant package that also includes wedding reception MC duties and pop culture themed weddings.

If you would like more information, please send an email through to Stephen at

Praise & Reviews

"The script is rich, the action fast moving, and the actors superb. Stephen wisely avoided making the convincing dialogue too technical, allowing a whole family to enjoy the stories. [...] The show was beautifully written to the radio time slot of 1 hour without a need to edit, very difficult to achieve. It is a credit to the writer / director (Stephen B. Platt) that such a large, well-known and talented cast have given their time to his presentation One quality show would be a difficult task to produce, but a series of seven episodes is more than admirable." - WA Theatre Reviews, 2018

"It has engaging characters that pull you into fantastic and clever writing to keep you engaged with the story." - Metior Magazine, 2018

"His quick wit and zany storytelling style was unparalleled" - GLAM Adelaide, 2023

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