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So what exactly is a "Thought Jar" anyway?

Born of a desire to "make stuff" and "have fun", Thought Jar Productions is based in Perth, Western Australia.


Plagued for years by a creative brain that just wouldn't stop thinking up ideas, founder Stephen B. Platt crafted a metaphorical vessel to put them in (his "thought" jar). This vessel has been designed to allow some of his many creative ideas to come to fruition (and to store his extraneous puns).


Joining Stephen's endeavours are the Thought Jar team, a talented group of like-minded, creative people who love creating live performance, podcasts, and online content. The core members of the team specialise in science fiction, popular culture, and live performance.

Keep an eye on our website and social media pages for upcoming performances and projects, and if you have an idea for the Thought Jar, drop us an email below!

meet the team

Dr. Sarah Courtis

Dr. Sarah Courtis

Stephen B. Platt
Stephen B. Platt
Ellin Sears
Ellin Sears

Co-founder and Business Manager. Writer and purveyor of lists and all things organisational.

An academic as well as a creative practitioner, she has a great love of all things Tolkien and Middle Earth, with her recently conferred doctoral thesis examining the lyric in musical theatre. Sarah has also worked professionally as an actor, director, and stage manager both in Australia and abroad.

She can usually be found with a bubble tea in hand, writing or marking whilst listening to musical theatre soundtracks, and is a regular guest on The Cinema Catch-Up Club Podcast.

Founder and creator of

Thought Jar Productions.

Avid pun maker and ideas man.

Since completing a degree in media studies, Stephen has gone on to become a professional role-player and improviser, and an award winning writer for the stage.


Stephen is also the reigning champion of TOD Talks (an improvised version of TED Talks), a member of The Big Hoo Haa!, and in his spare time is completing a PhD examining science fiction theatre. He is also the host of our weekly podcast series, The Cinema Catch-Up Club and The Funny Old Game.

Co-founder and General Manager. Overseer of online content, social media and fonts.

After initially training as a dancer, Ellin now wears many different hats in her work as an educator, choreographer, and as a performer for stage and screen.

Her doctoral studies examined the subversion of audience and genre expectations using musical theatre dance. She is obsessed with tea, elephants, typography, and the colour pink, and has a wardrobe that runs the gamut from vintage hats and gloves to rainbow striped dance pants. She is also a regular guest on The Cinema Catch-Up Club Podcast.

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