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2084: a musical

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The One World Corporation controls everyone and everything. Roberta, charged with the organisation of the annual Memory Day Celebrations, is supported in turn by Ian and Will, the Heads of Propaganda and Security. Together they attempt to maintain the peace in a fragile new world. Everything runs smoothly until Roberta makes contact with someone from her past, the supposedly simple world led by the Corporation starts to become a lot more confusing. With the Voice of Orwell watching over everything and Felicity trying to maintain the face of the Corporation, it is time to realise;

It's 2084, what do YOU stand for?

Inspired by George Orwell's seminal science fiction novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, 2084 is an original musical created as part of the doctoral research of Thought Jar co-founders Sarah Courtis and Ellin Sears.


Concerning themes of memory, loss, family, and love in a terrifying dystopian world, this is a musical about trying to find your own identity when you can't really be sure of who you are.

This original musical production premiered in Perth, Western Australia in August 2016 with lyrics and original script by Sarah, choreography by Ellin and original music by Nick Choo.


"A clever show that hit all of the senses."

"Do yourself a favour and go see a show full of heart, guts, intelligence and above all entertainment."


The following images were taken by Taylor Gilbert and are reproduced here with his permission.

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