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We won!

We're thrilled to announce that @lantis: a science fiction radio play series was nominated for four awards at the Nexus Theatre Gala Awards - and it won three!

Most Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role - Nic Doig WINNER!

Best Original Script - Stephen B. Platt, Episode 5: Year of The Rat WINNER!

Best Production Design Element - Roisin Keiley, Costume Nominated

Best PR and Online Presence - Melissa Kruger & Ellin Sears WINNER!

Congratulations to everyone involved in the project, and especially to those whose work was nominated. It's wonderful to see so much hard work acknowledged. A special shout out and thank you also has to go to the amazing Sarah Courtis who accepted the awards for Best Original Script, and Best PR/Online Presence due to Stephen, Ellin, and Melissa all being abroad.

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