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Get excited Perth - it's FRINGEWORLD time!

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

The cast of Whisper White FRINGEWORLD.

Well folks, it's that most wonderful time of the year again! Christmas and New Years is over, and FRINGEWORLD Perth opens this week! The Thought Jar team LOVE Fringe - even when we're not producing our own shows we get to spend four weeks checking out amazing shows and digging the Fringe vibe. This year, all three founders are performing in different shows across all four weeks of Fringe. So what are they doing, and what are they most looking forward to seeing? Let's find out...

Thought Jar Productions Co-founder Ellin Sears

ELLIN IS IN... Whisper White

Museum St. Den at Perth Mess Hall

January 17-19 | Tix $25

Funny and touching, Whisper White is the latest script from local playwright Kerry Bowden. It's 2018, and six friends are celebrating Australia Day with delicious food and cocktails. But despite the jovial atmosphere, it's not all frivolity and fun. There's heated debates to be had, and a life changing incident that will change the trajectory of all of their lives. A contemporary play that looks at current issues surrounding Australia’s national identity.

ELLIN IS EXCITED TO SEEPeter Combe! I’m always excited to be able to take my niece and nephew along to rock out to some of the rad kids tunes I grew up with. My older brother also wants to go see Flacco & Sandman, see if their new show measures up to their excellent Good News Week specials back in the day. In short…bring on the nostalgia!

Thought Jar Productions Co-founder Dr. Sarah Courtis

SARAH IS INImprov Cheez TV

Museum St. Den at Perth Mess Hall

February 5-9 | Tix $25

This show is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. A brand new improv show from the team behind Bogan Shakespeare and Improv DnD, Improv Cheez TV takes all your favourite cartoons from Australian TV in the 90s and re-imagines them with the help of a team of improvisers. Sarah is helping stage manage the production but they may yet be able to convince her to hop up on stage one night too ;)

SARAH IS EXCITED TO SEE… ALL OF THE MUSICALS. Seriously, my wish list covers a little bit of everything: Jason Robert Brown's The Last Five Years, sister shows Orpheus and Eurydice (okay so technically they look more like plays with songs but shhh), and local musical Styx. You’d think after doing a PhD on musical theatre I'd be sick of them but... apparently not!

Thought Jar Productions Founder Stephen B. Platt. Image Des Lewis.

STEPHEN IS IN… ALL of the things! Seriously, there are almost too many to count. If you fancy catching him onstage you’ve for a lot of options ranging from kids improv at The Little Hoo Haa, improvised Ted Talks at TOD Talks, improvised sci-fi with Captain Spaceship: The Return of Captain Spaceship, improvised Dungeons and Dragons at – you guessed it, Improv D&D – and finally, Improv Cheez TV which is…well it's improvised Cheez TV guys. So. Basically a heck of a lot of improv?

P.S. Also, he's currently on a bunch of billboards advertising the Lotto so, you know, keep an eye out for a beardy guy mucking about with a water cooler tank on your daily commute. You might just catch him there too!

STEPHEN IS EXCITED TO SEE… well, probably not a lot realistically as he’ll be crazy busy with all of the shows he is performing in. More likely he’ll be spending any downtime from 15+ performances trying to relax ahead of submitting his PhD for examination later this year, and planning his upcoming wedding. Ooooh...

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