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CCUC Round-up - February 2020

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

How is it February already?! It's a big one this month, starting off with our traditional Oscar's episode, then we have the time of our lives reviewing a long awaited classic for our Valentine's day episode. We finish off the month with some madcap comedy to commemorate the passing of Terry Jones, and finally, we review a film that is a hundred years old!

This week, it's Oscars week! So join host Stephen B. Platt and special guests Robert Woods and Tegan Mulvany as they review last year's 'Best Picture' winner 'Green Book'. Listen in as they discuss pianos, pizzas, and prejudice. Plus, hear our predictions for which film will win 'Best Picture' at the 2020 Academy Awards!

This week, in our Valentine's Day episode, host Stephen B. Platt is joined by special guests Kate Willoughby and Andrew David as they review 'Dirty Dancing'. Listen in as they discuss nobody putting Baby in the corner, "Nice Guys", and Newman!

This week, to mark the passing of British comedy legend Terry Jones, host Stephen B. Platt is joined by special guests Tegan Mulvany and Michael De Grassa as they review 'Erik the Viking'. Listen in as they discuss boats, blacksmiths, and berserkers.

This week, host Stephen B. Platt is joined by special guests Brett Cullen and Murray Jackson as they review the silent horror film 'The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari' on it's 100th anniversary. Listen in as they discuss fear, fortune tellers, and Frankenstein.

You can listen on the Soundcloud links provided or subscribe to the podcast feed on iTunes! Just search for "Cinema Catch-Up Club" in the iTunes store. And if you want to become a Patron you can find us on Patreon here.

Happy listening!

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