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Site Update

Exciting times ahead!

We've been a bit quiet on here (except for our weekly episodes of the Cinema Catch-Up Club!) but we're back today to tell you that we've just had a massive overhaul of the website to include a few of our other ongoing and upcoming projects.

The Daily Splatt is a daily YouTube vlog from our founder and ideas man, Stephen B. Platt which is about...well, anything and everything! The original series ran for a couple of years on Stephen's private YouTube channel back in the early 2010s (for anyone interested you can find it here) but for those who are wanting to keep up with all things Stephen and Thought Jar, check out The Daily Splatt on our YouTube channel here.

The Cinema Catch-Up Club Podcast recently turned 1! In the past twelve months we've released more than 50 episodes including our first with a live audience, launched a Patreon page, and celebrated some of our milestones with a fun birthday video. You'll be pleased to know that CCUC is still going strong and we've got lots of great films coming up this year so make sure you hop onto our Patreon page if you haven't already, and check out how YOU can help shape the future of the program!

@lantis Radio Play will be coming your way soon! We've just launched a sister website for Stephen's PhD production - a science fiction, radio play sitcom set in an underwater city filled with scientists. This is going to be a HUGE theatre project and our most amibitious to date. With 7 episodes taking place over 8 weeks in August and September, there's no excuse for not coming along and checking it out. Not based in Perth? No worries. We'll be releasing the audio of each episode online as well! Stay tuned...

Finally, we are super proud of Stephen Platt for winning Theatre Student of the Year Award for 2017 at the Nexus Theatre Gala last December - where HAVE those four months gone?! A more recent congratulations also has to go to one of our other co-founders Sarah Courtis who recently submitted her PhD thesis looking at lyrics in Musical Theatre! Congratulations on this incredible achievement, and we can't wait to be able to update your title on the about page to Dr. Sarah Courtis!

Phew! I think we're about caught up now! Make sure you follow our social media pages to keep up to date with all things Thought Jar, and you will be hearing from us very, very soon!

With love,

The Thought Jar Team

P.S. Can't get enough of Stephen? Do you like video games and/or soccer? Make sure you check out FIFA Challenges with Stephen and Ryan on Facebook and YouTube! This series is made in conjunction with our friends over at Herding Cats Productions and it's a lot of fun to film.

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