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CCUC Round-up - December 2017

Iiiiiit's Christmas! Celebrate with all new episodes of the Cinema Catch-Up - including a bonus bootleg review of our Titanic episode from last month!

This week, host Stephen B. Platt is joined by special guests Tegan Mulvany and Patrick Downes (and Gruber the German Shepherd!) as they review 'The Graduate' on it's 50th anniversary. Listen in as they discuss the generation divide in 1960's America, why you should never have all your affairs in the same hotel, and re-casting 'The Graduate' with Muppets.

(Note: This episode was recorded prior to the widely publicized interview between Dustin Hoffman and John Oliver, which is why it is not mentioned in this episode.)

This week, host Stephen B. Platt is joined by special guests Dr. Carmen Dohle and Michael De Grussa as they review the first feature length animated film from Walt Disney 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.' Listen in as they discuss Disney's "Dollars for Gags" policy, being scared by cartoons as a child and what it is like to work with Winnie the Pooh in person.

This week, host Stephen B. Platt is joined by special guests Daniel Buckle and Sarah Courtis as they review the 1992 Christmas classic 'The Muppet Christmas Carol.' Listen in as they discuss singing vegetables, creepy ghosts and swirly vortexes of doom.

It's Christmas, so here is a special present just for you! Back in November, host Stephen B. Platt and special guests Rhianna Hall and Jason Dohle reviewed James Cameron's 1997 film 'Titanic.' You may remember that due to technical issues, the review section of that episode was recorded five days after the viewing of the film. Well just for you, here is the bootleg review Stephen, Rhianna and Jason did on an iPhone on the night they watched the film. Enjoy and have a very Happy Christmas.

This week, host Stephen B. Platt is joined by special guests Nicola Brescianini and Philip Hutton as they review the 2003 Christmas rom-com 'Love Actually.' Listen in as they discuss romance-inducing clarinets, Billy Bob Thornton's unusual fear of antique furniture and why this film might be indirectly responsible for Brexit.

You can listen on the Soundcloud links provided or subscribe to the podcast feed on iTunes! Just search for "Cinema Catch-Up Club" in the iTunes store. And if you want to become a Patron you can find us on Patreon here.

Happy listening!

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