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CCUC Round-up - July 2017

Welcome to our July round up of the Cinema Catch-Up Club!

The latest episode of The Cinema Catch-Up Club is here and it's all about Spider-Man! Listen in as Stephen and his special guests Scott McArdle and Katrina Johnston review this 2002 super-hero film!

​Grab your spacesuits and prepare for some monkey business because the latest episode of The Cinema Catch-Up Club is here! This week, we review 1968's 'The Planet of the Apes' with Daniel Buckle and Anna Weir!

Your move, creeps! This week, host Stephen B. Platt is joined by special guests Luke Jago and Jess Serio as they review Paul Verhoeven's 'RoboCop' from 1987. Listen in as they discuss chin acting, inattentive scientists and whether or not RoboCop is actually a good police officer or not.

LANGUAGE WARNING - as this is a review of an 'R' rated film, there is some occasional use of contextual light swearing in this podcast.

Be sure to like and subscribe to The Cinema Catch-Up Club on iTunes and Soundcloud and leave your reviews as well.


This week - in a special episode celebrating the life of cult horror director George A. Romero - host Stephen B. Platt is joined by Andrew David and Nicola Brescianini review the original 'Night of the Living Dead' from 1968 and discuss the wonderful S. William Hinzman, zombie survival plans and why an undead apocalypse could be good for the environment.

You can listen on the Soundcloud links provided or subscribe to the podcast feed on iTunes! Just search for "Cinema Catch-Up Club" in the iTunes store :)

Happy listening!

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