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CCUC Round-up - October 2020

October has been a crazy busy month - with birthdays, PhD graduations, and even a Thought Jar wedding! We hope you enjoy this months films as much as enjoyed trying to fit them all in to such a crazy time :P

CCUC - Episode 182 - All About Eve

This week, host Stephen B. Platt is joined by special guests Robert Woods and Dr. Ellin Sears as they review 'All About Eve'. Listen in as they discuss multiple narrators, Marilyn Monroe, and meeting Wayne Rooney.

CCUC - Episode 183 - Father of the Bride (1991)

This week, host Stephen B. Platt is joined by special guests Jason Dohle and Kate O'Sullivan as they review 'Father of the Bride'. Listen in as they discuss barbecues, bad accents, and B.D. Wong's ponytail.

CCUC - Episode 184 - O Brother, Where Art Thou?

This week, it's host Stephen B. Platt's birthday! As such, he gets to pick whatever film he wants to review, and this year he has chosen the Coen Brothers' 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?'. Listen in as he, Patrick Downes, and Dr. Carmen Dohle discuss baptisms, blindness, and Soggy Bottom Boys.

CCUC - Episode 185 - The Shining

This week, in our spooky Halloween special, host Stephen B. Platt is joined by special guests Brent Hill and Katrina Johnston to review 'The Shining'. Listen in as they discuss tricycles, tree-houses of horror, and twins on Twitter.

You can listen on the Soundcloud links provided or subscribe to the podcast feed on iTunes, Spotify, or any good podcasting service - just search for "Cinema Catch-Up Club". If you want to become a Patron you can find us on Patreon here.

Happy listening!

Love the Thought Jar Team

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